About Us

Our company have started its activities in 1980 with the production of edging strip parquet and timber based in Düzce.

Until 2000 It has been one of the leading manufacturers in the sector in the way of quality and power.

At the beginning of these years,  in deference to renewed products with evolving technology in the world and Turkey, the company has started to invest in the production of laminated flooring.

Until today, it has consistently modernized and educated itself for both technology, machinery and equipment and aware and qualified labor which is irrevocable of quality production.

With new factory, which we commissioned in 2010, it continued to develop itself by increasing its quality and capacity in 9000 m2 closed and 15000 m2 open area in total.

Currently, it distributes 19,5-17,5-14,5-12,5 cm planks, 3 strips and 2 strips of various wood species to the market with 6 layers of uv polished, oily, brushed.

As Kps Lamine, we set off to transform the texture of the “tree” into the texture of “life”.

Our goal have been transforming nature's most beautiful gift into living spaces that breathe.

At this point, with every new design developed, we feel that we are taking nature one step closer to mankind.

While being attentive to protect the existing forest wealth of our world with sustainable solutions, we adopt “longevity” as the most important brand value of our products.