3 Strip

Considering the price advantage and quality advantage, 3 Strip laminated parquets, which are intensively preferred type of parquet, emphasize the quality with the price advantage. In our website, there are both dark colors and light colors are quite a large number. Since there are both dark colors and light colors in our site, the choice is entirely up to you. You can easily order 3 strip laminated parquet from our website under this category.


Thickness: 14mm
Width: 3 strip 19cm
Length: 1100mm
Selection: Natural / Rustic / Super rustic
Surface Type: Polished / Oiled
Beveled Type: Micro / without beveled
Weigh: 7,25kg/m2
Top layer thickness: 3,6mm-3,8mm
Underfloor heating: Appropriate
Flooring shapes: Herringbone / Chevron / Flat